show travel

My computer works with Windows xp with service pack 2.
I have installed repetier host, but once i open it, the icon "show travel" doesn't appear.
Do i need install other programmes or does it need special requirements to work?
thank you


  • Top right corner of host,  clik on the easy icon
  • thank you, but when I click on the easy icon it appears only the show filament icon.
  • Show travel should appear right to it. In print preview tab you also have a checkbox with "Show travel moves"
  • thank you, however the checkbox with "show travel moves" doesn't work even if I open the print preview tab.
    Is it possible that my pc lacks some technical requirements?
  • Oops, just read that it is a totally expired xp with not even latest service pack (3 was latest I think). You need VBOs as rendering method for travel moves. So if you have also old OpenGL driver < 1.5 that might be the issue.
  • thank you.
    You are right, I solved the problem by installing the OpenGL driver 1.5
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