Different slicer in one gcode


i want to use different slicer option in one gcode program. Is it possible to choose different sliceroptions for different areas of layers?



  • Not in host directly. In Slic3r if run with plater enabled you can load a stl that defines a new region and assign different parameter to that region and slice. Then load gcode into host to print.
  • I think that is good. Where can i find the "plater" option to enable it?
  • In slicer tab select Manager and then Slic3r. Last option is to show or hide plater in slic3r.
  • Thank you for your help. I can work with this option.
  • Hello to all!! Please help )) I did not get the right shape of result( the top side is moved to one side with about 15mm and continued to print... the result is like this one image
  • Could be endstop crosstalk - try with always check endstops disabled. Or one jerk was to hard loosing steps or motor current too low or it simply got cought by a part warping up.
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