I bought a IP-Camera 1080p. The MJPEG-Url is like http://username:password@IP-Adress:Port/mjpeg/stream.cgi?chn=0
but it won't work. On my old Cam it was something like http://IP-Adress/cgi?username...
Is it a Problem of repetier-server ? How do I get it to work?
I'm running Repetier-Server under Linux.


  • I think that url format indicates some digest authentication to access url behind @ and that is most likely not supported. One solution might be to enable nginx for example and configure it as proxy to the webcam so server can use the nginx url and nginx does the authentication stuff. Would of course require nginx being able to do that.
  • Thank for your answer. If I try the Url in my local Firefox it works. Would it be possible to add this in a future update?
  • Firefox knows how to handle authentication. I have to check if I can add authentication to one webcam so I can test it. No promises but will try.
  • I can give you acces to mine if you want
  • If that is accessible from outside that would be great simplifying the process. You can drop a personal message with the access if that works and you know that at least your camera will be supported.
  • Fixed for next release :-) Thank You.
  • I thank you :-D
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