Repetier "Object Not Manifold" Problems in Latest Version

Hey guys, I noticed an issue with latest version of Repetier for Windows that I wanted to pass along to whoever would like to look into it. The issue is with the "object not manifold" message that I receive when I opened the "Tower of Pi (fixed version)" STL file from Thingiverse. I used Netfabb to try and fix whatever error that Repetier detected but Netfabb didn't find any errors with it. I have had the same problem opening numerous files from Thingiverse using the latest version. I then had my friend open the same "tower of pi" file in the 0.95F version of Repetier that he was running and the "object not manifold" message never popped up and the file loaded fine. I have since uninstalled the "latest and greatest" and downloaded the older version. I now have no problems with that file or any of the other files I've downloaded from Thingiverse.

I really LOVED the look and feel of the new version, so could someone please look into this issue so that I can eventually go back to using it? Please? :D

I took some screenshots of the file being opened in each version but I don't see a way to upload them to this forum.

Anyway, please let me know if there is a possible fix to this issue.


  • Well, no response from the powers that be, however, I upgraded to 1.0.4 and I no longer receive the error. Must have fixed "something". Just not sure what. Anyway, happy that it works now! Thanks!
  • Oh, sorry. Fixed it beacsue of this message and forgot to answer. Problem is if 2 points are very close together (<0,001mm). Now they are allowed to be even closer. Also I doubt having such exact models help with the print but it's hard to change existing models.
  • I actually don't care about fixing objects wich are actually working as "non-manifold" Why? there is a need to display that and make such big orange thing at every object? this make life more difficult for users,

     less repeated info, less clicks! 
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