GUI options

It would be nice to be able to customize the colors and possibly rearrange the icons. The current colors are hard to read on my screen.

Also, On the print screen the stop and pause buttons are tiny with a bunch of open space around them. I have to try many times to press them just right.

Maybe different optimized installs for 5 or 7" RP displays. Or a seltion option between the two in the gui.


  • It is possible to customize colors, but you need some programming skills also it is described here:

    What display size do you have? I have developed it with 7" and 3.5" 480x320 displays.I will check if we can provide an alternative color scheme for the next release.
  • Additionally to that,

    since there seems to be only one css globally,
    We would like to see a brief "color-scheme" setting per printer and maybe an adjusted copy of the css in the specific subdir for that.
    Our printers are largely color coded, so it is easier to detect on what printer page you are. We getting constantly annoyed by working on the wrong printer.

  • Also there is only one css - there is only one css! So no per printer css, sorry. You will need to use printer names to distinguish them.
  • Hi,
    Is there any way to modify the icon images?
    Printer Frontend.

  • All icons are from a font - most from font awesome, others were designed by us, especially the print specific. So replacing the fonts would change the icons.
  • Great!

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