Layer Counter / ETA / ETE

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hwo does the layer count on the display work? Mine is showing wrong, for example it show 3 of 125 and doesn't count any further. But this isn't always so, sometimes it counts but not correct. My Slicer is S3D
How is the ETA / ETE calculated?


  • ETA/ETE is calculated by server. It simulates the firmware to get a good approximation based on accelerations etc set in printer configuration in server.

    Layer should increase if you extrude at a new z height then before.It also comes from server and should match the layer count you see in web browser as well. There was a problem previous 0.80.3 but it seems that some gcodes also confuse.  Do you have such a gcode (preferebly small so it can be tested quickly) that causes such behaviour.
  • Yes I have. can I mail it to you?
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