Laser on deltas

as there are some guys with deltas fighting with non working Laser setups , see Posts

"Laser turned on on all moves". and "Wiring a laser driver on GT2560"

i loaded configuration from this User Freez to dev version and checked on Mega/Ramps.

so it does not switch off laser during g0 moves .

no reaction to M5, laser gets switched on during any kind of move...

changing from delta to cartesian (switched from Drive system 3 to 0) it works as it should.

Did crosstest on my due setup and in both versions(delta and cartesian)

Laser works as it should. might that be a memory problem on AVR Mega2560?

any idea?


  • Thanks. That made it clear what I was missing. Just fixed dev version. For deltas laser was always set to 255 and not secondSpeed which is what we set in M3/M5. Should now work much better I think (please test if possible).
  • ok, so bug happened with changes for warmup :-)
  • That line is not part of warmup, but maybe it got changed when you said to set it to 255 from secondSpeed that I picked also that line which was wrong:-) Or it was always  wrong. Just to lazy to see in changelog where it got wrong.
  • i did the changelog check , so it was just the wrong line .had to check it because my due setup (there i changed manually)was ok
    so i wondered what happenend.anyway it´s fixed now
  • checked code again, cartesian version is not correct.
    in motion.cpp line 2752 (warmup condition) we need the 255 :-)
  • Ok when backporting the 255 it was not my day:-) Will be included in next update.
  • ok, will the next update also contain the display change for laser/cnc mode?
  • Good question. It is on my todo but I'm a bit busy at the moment with finishing host release. So not sure when.
  • Does g0 command laser on fixed?
  • Yes, only for laser warmup with delta a tiny thing is waiting.
  • I still have problem with g0 commands in my delta using dev version. Some g0 commands (not all) enables laser. Beside this, m3 makes the laser on (shown in log) but not the same as m5 (write nothing in log). (my config is available if you want)
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