How do you automatically upload/import gcode files put in the registered folders?

Hey guys,

I'm trying to figure out how to have the gcode files automatically imported so that they show up in the stored gcode files section.

Here's my workflow:
1. Slice the STL
2. Save .gcode to the machine server is installed on 
a. there is a shared directory available through a samba share. 
b. directory is /home/threeDprint/printqueue
3. Go to repetier-server web interface
4. Click drop down arrow on "upload g-code" button
5. Pick my registered folder shortcut
6. Select the new file I saved there 
7. Click import
8. Pick the new file in the stored files and print

So, I'm wondering if there needs some sort of python script monitoring the watch folder. Then when it sees a new file show up, it will run the import in the background. Then move it to an "imported" folder so it's not imported again. 



  • There is no auto import. That function you use is mainly for importing e.g. from a usb stick you put into your printer. There it is not practical to import all files.

    It is possible to write such a tool according to your needs. We have a simple API to allow uploads, see for example our tutorial for simplify 3d which can be thought to upload on save using exactly the calls you need:

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