Get current job print status from API without authentication.

Hi all,

I believe this is not possible but just double-checking here.

Is it possible using the API to obtain the current job progress status (possible also estimated time left) without the user authenticating?
Similar to what happens with "host:3344/printer/info".

Thanks in advance.


  • Sure oyu can. It is websocket command "listPrinter" what you need. Read api how to call websocket commands from normal api. Ok, it still contains authentication in form of a api token, but is usable e.g. with curl which is what you wanted I guess.
  • I saw that one.
    If i tell the purpose maybe makes more sense.

    I want to create a public webcam page that shows the video and the print details, like percentage and estimated time left.
  • The only call not requiring apikey is 
    but that does not contain all informations. I see that you can not add this in a public page as this would give full access. On the other side, you do not need the server apikey. If you add users, each user has also a apikey you can use and you could make a read only user and use the apikey from that user.

    That still might give more informations that you want to share as they could read everything. So next stage would have you webserver as a proxy. In apache you can add/remove headers so this would be invisible to normal users. Remember "x-api-key" header is the same as apikey parameter in request.

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