Case light invert logic level

Hi all,

Could an invert logic level be implemented for the case light?



  • if you mean opposite  after power on   just change from #define CASE_LIGHT_DEFAULT_ON 0   to #define CASE_LIGHT_DEFAULT_ON 1   in configuration.h
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    Thank you for your fast response. But I think that is not what i want. 

    Current config:  lights off = pin low , lights on = pin high.
    I wanna have:   lights off = pin high, lights on = pin low

    The reason behind this is that i controll my light with a small relais bord and with low level it is active. And i would like the light off by default but also the relais not active by default.
  • should do what you want, just check it out
  • Just to make sure i tested it and it does not do what i want. It just controls the initial state of the lights so ON/OFF. It does not invert the logic levels Also code confirms my observations the state of the lights is only depended of the logic level of the pin.

    #if CASE_LIGHTS_PIN > -1
            Com::printInfoFLN(PSTR("Case lights on"));
            Com::printInfoFLN(PSTR("Case lights off"));

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