Constantly losing wifi connection with RP3

I have the latest image from the website an all setup well. Everything works. My problem is that the server constantly goes offline an I have to go into the print room an reselect my network. This will happen randomly, sometimes once a night sometimes every 15 minutes. 
I cycle power an it will reset but I have to reenter my network password which is a hassle on the touch screen.

Can anybody help?


  • See image download site for how to remove the password problem.

    You could also rename /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/bin/manageWifiAccess once you have wifi connection to a different name. Then restart server. Result is server will not manage connection any more and since you have configured it to your network it should stay. If the problem is bad connection or something else outside servers responsibility it will happen again. But since server will not see it disconnected it will not delete password on failure and continue to retry. We plan some changes to help such cases more in the future like preset password tables.

    Drawback of the method is that when it fails to reconnect you need to connect over ethernet cable to repair problem.
  • Thanks for your response. I will give it a try. 

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