v0.80.3 / Updates: is it safe to modify webcam.conf

quick question: I'm currently runing v0.80.3 on a raspi (installed via SD-Image with v0.80.? and updated from there onwards).

Right now I'm not really happy with the cam's defaults, especially WEBCAM_WIDTH / _HEIGHT.

Will changes to /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/etc/webcam.conf survive future updates or should I either
[ ] remember where I faffed around ;-)
[ ] copy <files> to somewhere (SVN with a file://-repo on my NAS would also be possible here but if the directories do not survive an update that won't be much help 'cos the .svn-subdir will be lost too)
[ ] ??



  • Everything in /usr/local/Repetier-Setup is not part of regular updates. These files only change with new images as we plan some improvements (0.80.3 image had e.g. improved webcam to support 10 webcams without configuration and you can set framerate/resolution from server directly if you have that version).
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