Strange sliced layer, hided, missing, shifted?


I'm trying to print a .stl but when i try to slice with Slic3r from Repetier-Host always make a strange layer in the same place, in the preview and in the finish printed piece. When i sliced with Slic3r and Cura preview it's perfect but Repetier-Host shows this defect that print in the finish object.

Repair .stl or changing layer height, etc. not works.


It's a piece from Thingiverse and i see perfect prints from other users.

How can i solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.


P.D.: Please a new Mac Version!!!


  • Result depends on SLic3r and model and is independent of mac version!

    Is this a manifold model? Non manifold models can lead to strange results when sliced, so they need to be repaired. Apart from that I can not say what goes wrong. SLic3r is just the bundled original current slic3r version whcih is not developed by us.
  • Hi, first thanks for the fast answer.

    Yes, this is a manifold model, anyway i try to repair with online netfabb repair but nothing changes. Anyway i think that is a Slic3r problem, with the offical Slic3r prints ok but with Slic3r Prusa Edition i have this problem.

    Here the .stl:

  • What version of slic3r are you using,  it slices fine with 1.2.9 
  • Hi MartinH,

    The last Slic3r version for OS X and prints ok, looks like i have the problem with the Slic3r Prusa Edition.
  • Ok, the problem was with Slic3r 1.31.2. Finally searching a new version of Slic3r Prusa Edition i find Slic3r-1.31.6 and works fine.


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