Repetier Host sends new commands mid-way through a print.


I am having a problem whilst print using Repetier Host. At a random point during the first 5 layers of a print, the log will show 3 messages. The first is 'cold extrusion prevented'. Then it shows 'enqueing "G1 X0 Y0 F9000", and lastly 'enqueing "M84 X Y Z E". This attempts to move the head and the bed to their home positions but goes straight back to printing after less than a second (the bed only drops 5-10ml) but in the wrong position so it prints off the bed and hits the side of the printer.

Another thing I noticed is that when the 'cold extrusion' message is shown, the temperature reading doesn't actually go below 195 (the temp I was printing at). It does the opposite and goes straight up to 210 degrees.

I am using a CoLiDo Compact printer. This is a pre-built printer and uses marlin firmware.

Do you know why the printer is sending these commands?


  • That is more a marlin question. Looks like it thinks your extruder is too cold and adds some own commands and then host continues as print was not stopped. SO find out why it thinks it is too cold for printing and you have your solution.
  • OK, so is it the firmware which adds the last two commands and not Repetier?
  • Yes. We never write enqueing so it is a message from firmware. You should also see this in stored log where > and < show direction of data transfer.
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