Wrong layercount

On 0.80.3 I see alot of wrong layer Counts when printing - both LCD and web interface are affected by this.

Happens to files sliced in S3D, Slic3r and Cura (the 3 slicers I use currently)

When running ie. first layer, the LCD and web interface would switch layers several times before the first layer is complete.
Sometimes it's only a few layers but at other it could be ie. 20 layers or more.

And the final layer Count are also way off.
The batch I'm printing right now has 183 layers, but when the printer have finished sometimes the webinterface and LCD says layer 310/183 (or any other random number, but 310 is currently the highest I've noticed)


  • There is no way to tell where slicers have changed layer, so we compute them from viewing gcode. Rule for new layer is different z height with extrusion. Does your code contain code that would e.g. add z-hop and extrude extra filament on the high z?

    If you can, please offer such a gcode as download for inspection with the layer count from slicer.
  • Today I tried without z-lift. Now the count is lower than expected.

    It was stationary on layer 59 for about 20mm in height.

    Here is the link to the actual file I'm currently running:

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