Adding a g-code dropbox to rasberry Pi

I know this isn't a default setup for Repetier-Server but I was hoping someone had set it up and could comment. 

I can see that I can add folders to Repetier-Server in global settings.  I was wondering if I could just share that folder out on the Pi using something like samba.  Then when I use another slicing program I can save to that location, eliminating the upload step. 

Any help is appreciated. 



  • You can add that folder. In the upload dropdown you can start browsing at that point to import it to server. That is normally faster then searching the directory with normal upload. But it is not automatically visible. Server needs them correctly in it's database so it also knows statistics, render images etc.
  • Thanks. I set it up and it's not bad at all. All my slicers that can't talk to Repetier server directly now dump in that shared folder.
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