Cut, Copy and Paste not working correcly in Gcode editor

I am having difficulty using copy and paste in the gcode editor.  If I copy something to the clipboard with some other program, then I can paste it into the gcode... but only sometimes, copying from firefox seems to work, but copying from notepad does not seem to work.. and I can't seem to copy anything from the gcode editor,  it just does nothing... whatever was previously in the clipboard is removed,  but nothing is put into the clipboard.  If I cut something, it removes it, and clears the clipboard, but does not put the contents of whatever I cut into the clipboard.

also shortcut keys for cut and paste don't seem to work, but it's hard to tell because I can't get either of those to work even with the buttons.  It looks like ctrl-C for cut and shift-C for copy and shift-delete for cut seem like they are trying to work,  but cntrl-insert for copy and  shift-insert for paste do not seem to work.  it does look like ctrl-v for paste works.

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