Making a static ip adress and pasword not ok.

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ssh root ;repetierserver.local 
after this i must give a pasword = raspberry 
it does not take the pasword . strange thing it doesn't ask user ?pi
what do i wrong?
can somone give the command line to get the static ip ?


  • You said to connect as user root so that is why it does not ask for login and does not match password. Try

    ssh pi@repetierserver.local


    ping repetierserver.local

    to see ip.

  • i am not familiar with ssh , i now the ip adres , but how can i make it a fix ip ?
    i did the command ping , how do i stop that  command ? it doesn't stop rolling .

  • strg+c stops ping or whatever program you are running in a shell.

    Easiest way to get static ip is to teach your DHCP server (in router normally) to serve always same IP to the mac of the pi. In dshboard of server we show the MAC address of each connection, so you can copy it from there.
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