Odd offset move toward Y tower on Delta after homing, but only via host/server connection

When running the host and connected to the server running on the same PC, if I home my delta printer and then manually try to move any direction, it seems to always move about 20mm toward the Y tower every time.  After that, any other manual moves work as expected.  If I stop the server and connect directly from the host to the printer via USB, the "jog" toward Y doesn't happen; everything moves as expected.  Any ideas?  Thanks.



  • Also, if I execute a "home" and then another move via the manual controls on the server front-end, I don't get the "jog" either.  Just with host/server, it seems.
  • Okay - so now after I've stopped and started the server and the host, it's no longer happening.  *facepalm*  I had just been playing with bed height mapping, and the distance and direction of the move was very close to the offset from the probe position to the nozzle in both distance and direction.  Perhaps this was a holdover from the probing attempts.  

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