.81 version dl?

I'm just trying to be lazy and avoid needing to do a controller fw update. I've been running version .81 I believe, according to the changelog txt.  Is it possible to download that version still? 


  • From github you can download any version you like. But not all have tags for easy access.
  • Thank you ! 
  • couldn't find it , guess i will update

  • But upgrading is good idea for all improvements.
  • You rock ! Ive got the upgrade files but for fast printing this is sweet. Ive got a bunch of ramps addons I made that I dont feel like updating the code for . 
  • PS that appears to be firmware, I was looking for the host. I know all its little quirks . I saved the fw file in dropbox and forgot to save the host files. 
  • to clarify, last time I tried to update the host application it told me to update the fw too.  Ive got my printer sitting fully operational but my pc had a hd failure which lost my v81 host app I had all configured.  My hope is to get the same host app that came with the v81 update I did a while back and just continue on my way. It takes a bit of effort to get my additional code modifications into the new update and I am not sure if I can just use the latest version host app with my .81 firmware that is setup in my controller already. It does connect but I have not gotten further than that in my testing. I have not had time to monitor the test print. 

    Hopefully that explains what Im trying to do so you can better assist . 
  • Host does not depend on firmware version. We never have advised any firmware version in host, at least not in our versions. So there is no problem in using ewer hosts with better slicers. You will have to add printe rprofile again since you have lost them but that is easy.
  • Thank you very much. 

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