Strange Homing Behavior with Smoothieware Board

I am just setting up a Re-Arm board (smoothie compatible) on a new D-Bot. I'm having trouble with homing. The D-Bot homes Y to max, which is what seems to be giving me trouble. I've got Alpha, Beta, and Gamma endstops working correctly (checked with M119). X homes correctly (to min). Z homes correctly (to min). I can then move manually away from X and Z endstops with the manual controls in Repetier-server (or Host, connected thru server). Y homes to max fine, but then Repetier says printer Y axis is at position 0 (instead of 300, which is the defined max in smoothie config). If I try to move away from Y max endstop, the print head moves all the way to the actual Y 0 (all the way across the print bed, and I can't stop it), then I can move it normally in manual mode. 

Does homing to Max not work very well between Repetier and Smoothie?


  • Server assumes homing coordinates you have set in printer settings. So set y home pos to 300 if that is where it is after homing.
  • Ahh..that's what I was missing. That fixed it, thank you very much!
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