Repetier-Server architecture

Hi Roland,
I wanted to ask if you can create an architecture of this type in repetier-server, I'd be very convenient to control from the same interface two printers connected to the same network lan (I am attaching a picture). Each printer has its raspberry pi. I think it would be a good feature to be implemented if it is not already present. 

Thank you very much.



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    While you can of course call both apis from same computer, each will only show local printers and files connected. That is already quite a task as we update all viewers synchronous so all have always current state. Doing that with such a setup gets very complicated and traffic intensive. A simplified solution will come and we also have plans for a unified viewer but that will come after the more important parts are finished.
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    Thank you very much! For me it is very important to control multiple printers from a single panel. Keep me updated on the development of this feature
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