Repetier-Server architecture

Hi Roland,
I wanted to ask if you can create an architecture of this type in repetier-server, I'd be very convenient to control from the same interface two printers connected to the same network lan (I am attaching a picture). Each printer has its raspberry pi. I think it would be a good feature to be implemented if it is not already present. 

Thank you very much.



  • While you can of course call both apis from same computer, each will only show local printers and files connected. That is already quite a task as we update all viewers synchronous so all have always current state. Doing that with such a setup gets very complicated and traffic intensive. A simplified solution will come and we also have plans for a unified viewer but that will come after the more important parts are finished.
  • Thank you very much! For me it is very important to control multiple printers from a single panel. Keep me updated on the development of this feature
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  • lorenzing have you thought about using 1 pi to control both printers?
  • cbusillo: I totally agree with you. This has been my setup for months now and I am still quite happy. I use a RPi3 with 2 printers and 2 Logitech webcams attached. The video streams are a bit laggy at times but that does not bother me. (While controlling 2 printers from 1 RPi is doable on OctoPrint , RepetierServer supports multiprinter setup out of the box. Personally, I fell in love with RepetierServer from day 1 and could never be bothered to even look into a competing product. I guess, one could call me RepetierServer fanboy ;-) )
    BTW: I don't record the videos anymore, I would not be surprised if the performance hit was noticeable tho. Also, I use the great option to "outsource" some of the cpu-intensive tasks from RPi to a PC in the same network.
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    The newest version of Octoprint has changed from that guide.  I was not able to get it working.  Granted I didn't try TOO hard.  Try an external wifi with antenna.  The Pi 3 can have horrible lag over built in wifi.

    I've got the server on my MacBook Pro, I've been meaning to install it on my iMac, since that is always on.  Does it pass off anything other than image rendering?
  • It also sends timelapse computation and later also slicing.
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    Repetier said:
    It also sends timelapse computation and later also slicing.
    I think it's more convenient to have a single dashboard to control the various emergency stop level printers, video and temperatures. But without pulling up gcode flow on the LAN. If possible this would be the best solution of all so that you have a single interface to do everything. I saw that you could pass a stream via usb lan but it is not the solution. It takes a server for each printer you send the gcode and a general server to oversee and maybe do the slicing as well as video rendering.
    I hope that sooner or later Roland can consider this thing, but I understand it is not easy and requires time.

    Thanks so much
  • Hi roland,
    I wanted to ask you if there is any news regarding the ability to handle multiple repetier servers from a single dashboard.
    Congratulations on the work done so far.

    best regards
  • Not really. We are still planning this and have some good grasp how we want to do this, but it is so complicated that it takes a good while as this is a distributed system over several servers. First we want to add slicing capabilities and then joining the printers and access from everywhere.
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