How to shut down the printer on print finish

So I have one of these fancy smart plugs. I intercepted its traffic and now I know what rest commands i need to send to shut it down and turn it on.

What I wanted to do is create a small python script that would poll the message directory and scan for "print finished" messages so it knows when it should shut down, after a timer.

I guess all I really need to know is where can I find these messages on repetier server on the raspberry pi?


  • Not so complicated!

    See manual how to add extcommands.xml file for external commands allowed. With that you can have a server command
    @execute shutdown
    whcih calls your script. Then go printer settings->g-codes->event dependent and add that gcode in the run after job event as last command.
  • This is brilliant, thank you.
  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to do the same thing but am a little new to this.  Would it be possible please to elaborate some more about what needs to be done to implement this functionality?  

    Many thanks in advance.


  • Please read the "Advanced Setup" part in server manual (best after upgrading to 0.85.1 where it was fixed a bit). If you then have special questions let us know.
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