Anyone seeing layer count in print list always at 0

Hello. I've seen screenshots of others installs with this working, so must be something I missed. In Repetier-Server the "layer" column for all saved print jobs shows zero. Actually the LCD display on my Rostock Max shows zero all the time as well. It'll show "3/0" while printing layer 3 for example. In Repetier-Host after slicing (Slic3r) the Print Preview shows the correct number of layers under "Printing Statistics", but that number doesn't seem to make it when I save to server. Did I miss a setting?  


  • Are you using 0.80.3? That was a bug in older versions that has been fixed. If you use 0.80.3 please send us the gcode so we can check if there is a new way to fool layer count.
  • Thanks for the help. Yes, I'm running 0.80.3, Certainly had the issue in the previous versions as well. Sample of gcode here: Sample
  • Just testing it an dit shows x/85 lines printing as expected. If you check informations for that gcode does it show 85 layer? If not and if you then upload it does it then show 85 layers? So it might be an old upload analysed from old version?
  • Nope, I always see 0 layers in Server. Uploaded a new one same location) that shows it easier. Gcode with screen shot of host showing 53 layers (rh.jpeg) and server showing 0 (rs.jpeg).

    thansk for the help  
  • Can you also offer your server printer configuration. Since it did not happen in my configuration it might be depend also on your printer setup so I can reproduce it. In printer menu you can download the configuration.
  • Sure can. You mean the printer's EEPROM settings or Repetier's setup for the printer? The EEPROM export is on the shared link now, I didn't see a button to export/save Host or Server's printer config screens. 
  • No, meant server printer config. Go to home screen and there the printer menu offers downloading it.
  • Well, ain't that neat; never noticed that menu before. :) Exported xml config at the same link as above now. 

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