Is The Server Accessible Through IPV4-V6?

So, I setup my printer to the server the other day, and went to try and access it from another computer, and it would not load. I searched the forums for some troubleshooting, and I saw it mentioned that it might be impossible to access the server from and IPV4-IPV6 adress. 

My knowledge on intranets, and servers is close to nonexistent. I don't think I understand how to connect to the repetier server without "localhost:3444". I understand that "localhost" only works with the computer you set the printer up on, and that on other computers you are supposed to put the IP Adress in its place. However, both my  home and work WI-FI have IPV4 and an IPV6. From what I read, those are hybids of the original IP adress. Is there still a regular IP Adress and I just overlooked it? Is this an issue with the firewall? Or will this simply not work?



  • If you are in the same network just use the ipv4 address of the printer.

    If you are in office and printer at home and your internet connection is connected through DSLight (IPv4 to V4 mapping) it is not possible, as your provide will pool several customers with same ip address so there is no 1:1 port mapping and you simple do not know which port gets mapped to which port in the internet.
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