Add support for custom status box

Hi, is possible to add (manually or as function) one new status box next to others (he temp, hb temp, speed....)? I sucessfuly created sort of commands for controlling TP-Link HS-110 from Repetier-Server (turn on & off this smart electrical outlet) and would be nice, if I can show electricity consuption next to other status values. I am obtaining values from sh scripts.


  • With pro version you can write a new module and change the html/javascript but that is difficult as they are compressed and unreadable. So in current version I'd say possible but difficult. Writing a module that adds a tab to see it with own independent javascript would be easier then adding to top.
  • U mean tab like "webcam, control..."?
  • Yes, these can be registered in module javascript so they get added from your code.
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