Add custom server commands.

Honestly when I loose my network connection, its typically in the middle of a print, so I have to wait to restart the server. 

I would love to add the ability to restart network devices.  Having the ability to add a custom rasbien command to the server would be helpful for implementing workarounds like this as needed. 



  • Could it be that you are using a fritzbox as router? I know that wifi from pi to this sometimes break. A solution solving this is adding a crontab entry that runs every minute a fping on your /24 network. No idea why this helps, but users having this problem do not have it with that. The strange thing is fritzbox thinks it is connected and Pi thinks the same, but no data transfer happens.

    custom commands will not really help (also possible see manual for commands.xml) as you can not reach it. If you have a lcd display you can select connect to network which also helps even if it shows network is still connected.
  • Thanks.

    Its not a fritzbox but it is a Cisco residential gateway. perhaps they have similar issues. I have tried two different Pi 3 boards and two different 2.5Amp Power supplies.  Same problem.

    I have two printers connected via USB to the Pi each has a logitec C270 webcam. I connect to the router via wifi but can plug in a network cable.

    Some random time network connection ( physical and\or the wifi) will drop. (the router shows it is ofline). I cant connect to it.  When I go to the Touchscreen front end, I select the network, it shows up blank instead of displaying the code. If then go to the WLAN it simply shows a blue bar stating connected instead of showing a list of wifi networks.  The server will continue to print. I have to reboot to get the network back. 

  • I thought of one way to test this. I can make it AP only and see if I loose the wifi :).  Do you think that would be conclusive ?


  • No, don't think that helps. Question is why it looses connection to router. With ap it would never try.

    What might help is having ethernet as well so you can login over ethernet and check
    to see wifi state or run nmcli commands to reconnect (or use manageWifiAccess whcih is what host uses, e.g.
    sudo manageWifiAccess connect ssid

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    I have tried that. When the Wi-Fi goes out, It knocks out the physical ethernet connection as well. This is why I was looking for the ability to add server commands to the front end. So I could use commands like nmcli or iwconfig on the touchscreen.
  • Then again I could always kill the GUI front end for the touch screen and plug a keyboard into it for testing. 

  • The ethernet thing is new to me. Never happened and server is not even managing ethernet.

    You can add server commands to execute in extcommands.xml as described in config. These show also in pi frontend as "Server Cmd.". But they get executed as user repetierserver, so make sure sudo works if you do network stuff.
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    Thanks. That will do the trick. The more I look into the problem I am finding lots of posts with other platforms. So it is Pi 3 issue I suppose.

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