Upload zip file containing multiple gcode files

It would be a nice option to be able to upload several gcode files at once using a zip file. Name of zip file would become groupname.

(I am not yet running out of ideas :)>- )


  • Ideas are not what we are missing:-)
    Already thought about that especially if you are using it remote it might reduce transfer time. Only thing is what is if not all files are gcodes? How to decide what is gcode and not since some OS like to add some hidden files here and there. So maybe in global config a white list of used gcode extensions and other types we use so we can filter the gcodes from a zip.
  • Whitelist sounds like the way to go. I guess subfolders would need to be "blacklisted" as well.

    About ideas: maybe it's too much overhead for you, but there are nice tools to "manage" feature requests, contributed by you or by your customers. Personally, I would love to read about your future plans and maybe give my 2 cents now and then.
    Overview of options:
    Missing on the list:
  • Not sure with subfolders, but it is at least a dangerous case if you have a big zip.

    The request manager I have to think. Your examples are quite expensive for such a simple thing. I'm sure we also find alternatives for free if running on our website.
  • Yeah, the subfolder topic leads me to another "idea" (rather a paradigm shift): groups are nice, but somehow limited. A hierachy would be more suitable in some cases which I fake by using seperator like / or > , only downside to this approach is that it bloats the group dropdown. I guess, remodeling that part to a hierachical view entails quite a lot of work - with little benefit. 

    True, the request managers are pricey. Without further investigation, I found this list with free / open source options:
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