Problem every 3 prints

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Every +-3 times i start a new print without restarting repetier host in between prints, my printer starts a print and does auto level just fine, then instead of moving to the right print location, my x axis goes in the other direction and hits the x axis holder, and my extruder extrudes at high speed until i press the emergency button.

My gcode is : 
G92 E0

Any idea what is going on?



  • These 3 lines do not explain it. Are you using Marlin since you said autolevel and I see G29?
    Assuming host always sends the same commands I would think if some endstop/z probe may cause this by being triggered at a time it should not be triggered.
  • you are right i am sorry,

    Yes i am still using marlin at the moment but will change to Repetier soon.

    The thing is this only happens with Cura engine.
  • SO you say it is in the cureengine start gcode:-)
  • To be honest , i think i am only triggering a bug.

    I use the exact same Gcode in slic3r(via repetier host) and simplify3d without problems.

    If i close repetier host every time after a print, the problem doesn't occur.
  • Reconnecting resets the firmware. So I assume emergency reset instead of reconnect would also help.

    So it might be a firmware bug related to things send at end of print that have effect at next start.
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