Debug mode ?

Is there a debug mode of Repetier Server (Ubuntu 14.04 in my case) ?

I have a problem with Repetier Server, it seems it sends one line each second, very annoying when printing circles.
I'm using v0.92 firmware compiled with arduino 1.0.6 and the same print works like a charm with Repetier Host.

All values were autodetected and Input Buffer Size is configured at 63 bytes, may I increase to 127 ? is there any other parameter I messed ?

Thanks for your assistance.


  • Buffer 127 byte is ok if it is a AVR based board and not due based.

    When connected you have the console where you can enable commands and ack to see what is going on. In the printer menu you can also download the communication logs.

    In linux you have to watch out how often you connect. You can connect with the server and host at the same time, but that confuses of course the firmware.
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