Printer will not move manually on z axis

My K200 delta printer is not able to move the z axis manually. It moves great on the x/y but whenever i try to move the z nothing happens. Does anyone know the reason this might be happening? Thank you in advance!


  • Any hints in log? Homed before moving? Which firmware?
  • No hints in log.  I never calibrated it because I was never able to yet. Reprap firmware .
  • That is not very logical. How can you move xy - it uses all motors and also check endstops. You need to home which is also a z move, so does that work?

    Have you checked eeprom for wrong values. These can often prevent moves. Like z length 0.
  • Home works for me. I don't know how to check eeprom values. How do you do that? 
  • Use repetier host or server and select eeprom editor.
  • ok how do i know if the values are wrong in eeprom
  • They have a meaning and 0 or NaN or in most cases wrong, especially for z length or steps per mm.
  • ok thank you! ill try that!
  • Hello to all!! Please help )) I did not get the right shape of result( the top side is moved to one side with about 15mm and continued to print... the result is like this one image
  • yes in eeprom the z length is 0.0000 what do i do? or what do i change it to?
  • Your z length = max. Print height of the printer would be in that variable.
  • ok that fixed it thank you!
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