No manual control works with repetier firmware, does work with marlin?

homemade 3D printer using Windows 10 uploaded the new usb drivers all usb is controll is good. My test setup ramps 1.4 mega 2560 Arduino 1.8.0 Repetier host 1.6.2 corexy using the a4988 stepper drivers  extruder control set to heat to control only for that motor. The Switching power supply is ON at power up :>)

host to marlin firmware  can do manual control all steppers and heat etc.. great Everything work.

Decided was time to try the Repetier firmware like the control and LCD Layout a lot better. Used the same config  as above used the new config h upload tool, followed the prompts, added the watch dog and stepper delay as suggested for using the corexy settings.  Host to Repetier upload firmware to mega2560 and ramps 1.4 compile and upload worked, the display LCD and controls all are displayed.  Connected to the host: all looks good.

However when trying to manually select a function like the motors heaters etc,   selecting just makes the check disappear nothing is physically working.  apperently no power as no heat or any other control functions, nothing is physically working?

Switch back to the marlin firmware everything works?

did not find any marlin or ramps related searches apologies if not in the correct area.

Thanks in advance,

 Any ideas?


  • May have found the issue ; Reloaded the firmware again, while manually checking the config on the LCD noticed the baud rate was 115000 not 250000  saved to the eeprom  and now i have control while still connected to the host.

    This seems very weird  as it did connect just no control before. may have been the the baud rate may have been set to 115000 instead of 250000 Yeah
  • Host shows connect also with wrong baud rate, just can not understand anything. 
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