Timelapse every layer at a certain y-position

I have a Felix printer of which the printhead serves the x-axis, the bed does the y-axis and at each layer the bed increases the z-axis. This means that the timelapse video (set to 1 image at each layer) shows a model which moves back and forth with each image. This results in video which is not usable.

It would be great to have an option in RepetierServer to have an image at each layer when the model is at a certain y-position, lets say, the first time the model passes a certain y-position.  


  • Having the same printer I know what you mean. Problem is that printer buffers moves so we never know where it currently is. To be able to do so we would need to change layer go to y = 130 maybe, wait for all moves to end, add 10 G4 P1 and then a go relative extrusion, extrude a tiny bit and go to absolute extrusion mode back. As you can guess this is not good quality wise for the print, but if you add this in the after layer change of your slicer it would work.

    If you have a better, meaning less intrusive idea to have a special position without disturbing print please let me know. Would solve the timelapse problem for a lot of printers.
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