B+ Ethernet Connection Issue


I am new to using raspberry pi's and have recently loaded the latest SD version onto a B+ pi.
After connecting the pi via ethernet to my router and booting it, a browser is automatically loaded which (after an extended amount of time) fails to connect to the validation service. 

I would attempt to access settings in the GUI to resolve this problem but I am using an external (not touch screen) monitor and while a mouse seems to be able to interact with the GUI a cursor fails to appear and makes it impossible for me to interact with anything but the scroll bar on the browser.

While attempting to connect through ssh, the connection to the pi appears for brief moments before disappearing making it seemingly impossible to connect this way.

I don't currently have access to a pi touch screen or a wifi adapter.

Is there a way through terminal to tell the pi to connect via ethernet?

Is there a way to fix my cursor problem?

Any help is appreciated!


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