Placement of the "script" files


I have two window machines to which I connect the printer depending on place and occasion. I want to be able to synchronise the Repetier settings between them. I do not mind manually copying and renaming files or registry settings.

Where are the configuration data stored? Also where are the little Gcode scriptles (ie what the 1 - 5 uttons do, start&stop code etc) stored ?

Repetier 1.0.6;  Windows XP and Windows 7



  • All in registry. HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Repetier-Host. Just make a backup and reinstall if you have everything in the same pathes. Some of them are user related and must exists as directory (work directory)
  • Fine. Yes, it all works - except for the script files. They are in the .REG file, but are not imported into the registry.

    I am moving bewteen a Win XP and a win 7, but have tried export-delete-import on the win7, too. Same problem.
  • Never tried. Maybe a problem with newlines. Anyhow if it does not work you must copy manually.
  • Yes, well, there is always a workaround. :-)

    Should I submit this in the bug-section or will you put it there yourself? A hint for a solution: Store the text as a hex-string (Raw binary,  in other words).
  • It is not really a bug. The host works well with this. Only microsofts regedit is not able to store it correctly as it seems. But  it gets very difficult if I would change that since our installers and older versions would not understand such changes. I'm more surprised that it is not possible to import it. If I export it, the string gets correctly exported including newlines. Only import can not read it as it seems. Maybe I will come up with a better solution sometime.
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