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playing around with Craftware I'm noticing some strange effects in the gcode parsing.
1. looks like the 1st layer print speed is WAY slow.  63 sec in vs 10min in rep server.
2. the 3d visual of the model looks awful and squished in many places
3. gcode is parsing is incomplete and stops ~50%

I have not tried to print of an SD card, so I'm curious if anyone else has seen these.  note that the same model and similar settings in S3D or Slic3r show no issues at all.  So I'm suspecting something in the craftware generated gcode isn't parsing properly.

I posted this on the craftware forum ;


  • per the suggestion on the craftware forum I changed the "startup extrude" from 15mm to 0mm which also removed the M83 from the gcode.  now, rep server is atleast calculating the info correctly, but the thumbnail doesn't generate and clicking the "eye" icon does nothing;
  • Just tested and saw the strange output:
    Start code should be
    G0 F100 E15 ; startup extrude
    and not
    GF100E15 ; startup extrude

    not sure what parser makes of this but it is straining your luck with autocorrecting incomplete gcodes:-)

    Then I see code like this:

    ; ------------------------------------
    ; Layer #116
    ; ------------------------------------
    G21 ; mm
    G90 ; abs
    G92 E0 ; reset extr
    M106 S255
    G1 F4200 E-7.5000
    G1 F300 Z37.400
    G1 X206.807 Y201.029 F12000
    G1 F4200 E-6.5000
    G1 X205.740 Y201.570 E-6.4045 F3223
    G1 X204.257 Y202.310 E-6.2722
    G1 X202.500 Y203.215 E-6.1144
    G1 X200.743 Y202.310 E-5.9567
    G1 X199.260 Y201.570 E-5.8243
    G1 X197.063 Y200.456 E-5.6278
    G1 X196.546 Y193.666 E-5.0842
    G1 X196.595 Y192.962 E-5.0278
    G1 X199.208 Y188.852 E-4.6391
    G1 X202.500 Y187.633 E-4.3588
    G1 X205.792 Y188.852 E-4.0786
    G1 X208.405 Y192.962 E-3.6898
    G1 X208.454 Y193.666 E-3.6335
    G1 X207.937 Y200.456 E-3.0899
    G1 X207.067 Y200.897 E-3.0121
    G1 X207.971 Y199.936 F12000
    G1 X208.432 Y200.875 E-2.9286 F1934
    G1 X206.011 Y202.102 E-2.7119
    G1 X204.529 Y202.841 E-2.5798
    G1 X202.500 Y203.887 E-2.3975
    G1 X200.471 Y202.841 E-2.2153
    G1 X198.989 Y202.102 E-2.0831
    G1 X196.490 Y200.836 E-1.8595
    G1 X195.945 Y193.668 E-1.2857
    G1 X196.007 Y192.771 E-1.2139
    G1 X198.809 Y188.363 E-0.7970
    G1 X202.500 Y186.996 E-0.4828
    G1 X206.191 Y188.363 E-0.1686
    G1 X208.993 Y192.771 E0.2483
    G1 X209.055 Y193.668 E0.3202
    G1 X208.516 Y200.749 E0.8870
    G1 X207.468 Y200.688

    If you retract 7.5mm and the print there is no output (strange lines missing in perimeter). Extruder will not output anything there. Not sure why you have that, but that is a big error I think. And if you do not manager to come back to positive extrusion in absolute counting you have no visible layers or your filament has gone backwards out of extruder in reality. I think that is what is happening here.

    First layer time includes heatup first bed and then extruder and that adds 5-6 minutes to that layer time. Hope that explains everything. If you found out about negative extrusion preview should look much better. If not let me know, then there is more to it. Also you need to disable relative extrusion mode or everything is takes as relative:
    G0 F100 E15 ; startup extrude
    then first layer is much more correct and print with repetier-firmware would succeed.
    Hope these come from you.
  • I think I managed to fix the startup extrude which removes the M83 command and address the retracting 7.5mm you referance.  This print managed to print, not well, but it printed ok.   However, the 3d render doesn't render it.  the parsing is fine, just not the 3d image.

    here's the working gcode if you want to load it:!ApzOdVx9w7haifUpiHWMw3o9ybp9hw
  • Just rendered the image and looks perfect. What I wonder is that in printes around 200,200 so you seem to have a big printer. Have still your wnaho settings which limit x,y max to 200 so rendering removes everything outside.
  • Oh yes sorry. This gcode is for my big corexy which is 42x39x36 :O. Not the wanhao. I'll try to reupload it again later. As an aside I have a nearly full size 8hr print going at the moment. Sliced in craftware and printing through rep server. IMG rendered fine too, so it might just be this particular gcode. I'll keep trying others later.
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