Couple of requests

So after a foray with octoprint I came back and bought a license.  Currently I have 2 printers and I am printing the parts for a mpcnc so managing multiple items was a huge selling point.  Can you perhaps add the webcam view to repetier-host so I can use it as a standard front end and switch between machines and monitor quickly?

The only other thing I would love,  when you change the view to show the machine name there's a edit button to change the name.  Could that just pull from printer settings and then be a drop down to swap between machines quickly?  I know I can pull up several browser windows to view the video and repetier even has a click here to open web host  but these additions would streamline the host/server experience.


  • Do you also know that server homescreen allows viewing all webcams in parallel since 0.80.3?

    The name changes automatically if you connect to a different printer. The connect button has such a dropdown on the right side to show alternateve printers that will also change that name unless you have edited it manually.

    Webcam suppoer - we will see if that works.
  • What if your running multiple dedicated servers?  I prefer a dedicated PI to each printer.  Do they talk to each other and put them together?  Still ironing out going back to repetier on the first printer so I haven't loaded the 2nd printer/pi up yet.

  • No, every server shows only printers local to them as the webfrontend only queries one server. Only for computations you can use other available servers, but no exchange of printer data. 
  • That's what I had figured,  have both PI's running like a champ now.  The new installer made it pretty simple.
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