Auto insert M600 Filament Change

Hi, I've tried in several ways, but I cannot efficiently autoinsert an M600 to start the auto change filament routine.
I mean, if I set the printer with 2 extruders, and I check the option "use one extruder for all the colors" (don't know the right english, my sistem is in Italian), the resulting GCode add an M600 as I set, but it still add T0 and T1 as if I had 2 extruders.
Now, I know that is simple to change my GCodes by hand, but it seems a silly thing to fix.

Using Repetier 1.6.2 and Slic3r 1.3.0

Any Idea? 
Thanks, Davide.


  • the moment I'm using a little help from a bash script run as a post processor, which caonvert every T1 in a T0. It's not elegant as I would like, but it works.
    Any clue on how to make it work?

    Another problem is that if I add more than one skirt loop, they are printed in both colors, so I have two M600 Filament Change also between skirt loops!
  • So if I understand you correctly, you want to fake 2 extruders by inserting filament change instead?

    That will be a hell of a printjob that will likely fail due to some movements while changing. In any case set filament change script to

    and it will do it. Firmware will ignore T1 as invalid. But you can not influence how often slicer will change filament, but normally only once per layer.
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