Red slash shown across extruder heating, cannot control temp, but still heats up


So my recent issue is that when I connect my Prusa i3 RepRap 3D printer to my laptop and use the repetier-host, I dont seem to have control of the extruder temperature.  A red slash is shown on the icon (like how it looks when you disable to fan, bed temp, or extuder temp).  The extruder does still heat up, and the temperature is shown in the color bar to extruder temp, but I can not adjst the set point of the temperature.  The same printer works fine on the repetier-server with no temperature issues, but I prefer the host so I can slice my .stl files and print directly.

Any idea how I can fix this bug??  Thanks in advance!!


  • Please enable commands in log and see what happens if you enable/disable heater by hitting the button. How did it com ehot btw if the button is not working?

    Normally host will detect from M105 response that heaters are on, except if the firmware does not report them on M105 then it deducts it from last own set command so if you change it on lcd it might then not see. But clicking on it should enable extruder also for host so you can change temperature there.
  • when i click on the button with commands enable i see the following:

    N210 M104 T0 S245

    I see this multiple times if I click on the button multiple times.  I set the setup temperature value for 245, but if I was to manual type another number in, nothing changes (temperature stays the same, red slash shown on button, and 245C shown on color temperature bar)..
  • Please enable logging in preferences->general and restart.

    Then use it a while and open repetier.log and see what M105 return. Sounds like it does not return the set temperature only current temperature. Post the M105 answer when heating here.
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