Send Percent complete to the Printer display

It would be nice have percent complete available on the printers display along with ETE ETA and Layer.



  • Latest dev repetier-firmware supports that protocol. It will show percentage as a bar if you have graphic display and also the file you are currently printing. Should work with latest server release.
  • Unfortunately all my printers are running marlin right now. :(
  • Maybe they will also support this soon. I at least told them about it and added it in case they add the capability.
  • What's the gcode are you using for this?  I may code up support and submit a pull request to marlin.
  • Check this

    especially the PROGRESS capability. Marlin already has cap protocol also in some releases disabled by default. Hope they have changed that meanwhile. No idea why one would not want firmware to tell host it can do some cool stuff.
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