timelapse video and stills file location

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Was wondering if there is a way to change the file location is for the webcam capture/stills/video (Repetier server on Windows 10)

It looks like the current path is:


My server system has a small-ish SSD C: drive that has Windows and programs and a large regular hard drive with plenty of room for data files. Ideally I'd like to point Repetier to a folder on the large D drive for capturing and saving the timelapse sequences. I don't see any setting within Repetier that looks like it does that. Is there a config file in Repetier or FFMPEG to edit?



  • nm, I think I found my own answer.

    Looks like the RepetierServer.xml file in the main program directory has a line:

    which I'm guessing will allow it to point to the directory of my choosing.

  • You can only move the complete storage directory, but with a small drive that might be best solution anyway. Also gcodes can get a considerable amount with logs etc.

    Do not change it in repetier-server.xml - that will be overwritten on each update. Put a repetier-server-extra.xml file with modified content in same directory. That will override default values.
  • yeah, I just moved the whole directory over and pointed it to the new spot. It's nice having a large drive for all of the data, might be handy to be modifiable within the server set-up screens since that's probably a pretty common PC configuration (small HD for Windows + big HD for data)

    Thanks for the tip on the modified .xml file, I probably wouldn't have noticed it writing to the default spot after the next update  :)

  • Follow-up question for changing directories around

    I've been moving over to Raspberry Pi for Repetier server and wanted to try and do the same thing for changing the storage directory to something other than the MicroSD card running the server. I've been able to get the Pi to mount a directory on my NAS on boot, but after editing the Repetier-Server.xml storage directory path to point to that new location the server itself won't start. If I edit it back to the default location it works fine. I can get into the directory fine from a console and move files in and out, so shouldn't be an access or directory persistence problem as far as I can tell.

    Any ideas? Still getting up to speed on working with Pi/Linux, but can generally muddle my way through.

  • Might depend on permissions you mount the nas. The server runs as user repetierserver and not pi which is what you are when being logged in. At startup a script changes permission to repetieruser recusively while being root, but here again nas can be the problem as it might not have/allow changing owner or use a different ids then the pi.
  • Thanks, good to know that the server is running under it's own username. I'll tinker around with the user permissions and see if I can get something to work. Not really a deal-beaker if it doesn't work, I'm happy being off of Windows as a 3D print server  :)
  • Looking around on the forum, I see now that there is the ability to install an instance of the server on another machine to outsource more CPU intensive tasks like the timelapse, etc. Seems like this is an even better solution than trying to remap the path for the frame data. 

    Problem is I'm not quite sure how to set it up. I have the main server running on a Pi install, with the printer plugged into it via USB. If I run an instance of the server on my Win10 PC, how does it know when the printer is printing and to start capturing frames and doing the mpeg comression, etc? 
  • It only outsources time intensive computations! In pi in global settings->communication you add the windows server whcih you configure with ffmpeg path etc. Then when pi is finished with print it would send the images to windows server which makes the video and sends the mp4 back. Same for renderings - sends gcode to windows and gets rendered images back. This is often more then 10 times faster then local computation, but all data and control stay on the pi.

    In 0.90.0 we will have a project management to handle files in a project. Here the pi would be able to copy mp4/gcodes to the project on windows directly as backup, also project are more meant to collect several stl files/images/documentation of your projects.
  • Thanks, yeah, i get it's only doing some CPU tasks, not offloading the data full-time. Either way still a cool feature.

    Definitely looking forward to future development. I can definitely see some kind of global 'configure paths' options in the set-up to essentially re-path any of the data wherever the user feels it should go, but am certainly happy with the current robustness. 

    I still haven't given up on getting the Repetier-Server.xml in pi to point to a NAS directory, but need to dig further into setting up  users & permissions for both pi and FreeNAS. I typically can figure out just enough to break everything  :)
  • Maybe you can theak mount options for NAS so it always uses a user with read/write permission. I have seen such user mappings already, not just sure for which file system this was.
  • Helped me aswell.
    Moved storage fron RPi :) Thanks

  • EGOiST said:
    Helped me aswell.
    Moved storage fron RPi :) Thanks
    how ??
    i cant start the server if i make changes for storage to Repetier-server-extra.xml
  • sudo service RepetierServer start|stop|restart

    is the command to start/stop/restart the server.
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