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Hi, I am wondering if you guys can help me. I have installed newest version of Repetier server on Raspberry PI 3 b series. Everything went fine and I am able to print. Only problem I have is that I can monitor printing with only one device. For example I sent job from Repetier Host to server using my computer. Than I log in to server with my phone and that works fine for a minute than server disconnects. It still prints fine till the end but I am not able to monitor printing neither from phone or computer. When I log in to router its showing server is disconnected. In order to log in again to server I have to reboot server. If I am monitoring printing just with the computer everything is fine. Is there a way that I can log in to server with multiple devices at the same time?
One more problem is that my PI camera V2 is sometimes late 10-15 seconds. I am using default settings for camera. Is there a way to improve this?
Thanks in advance


  • Are you connecting to your WIFI network by chance?  I had the same issue when using wifi and it was related to the problem addressed in this post:

  • I am connecting with wifi. Today it seems everything was working fine even loging with 3 diferent devices. Only thing i changed was that i added 3344 after So now when i wanna log i type and it works. Before i was logging with and server would disconect after i log with second device. I dont know why 3344 made diference...
  • The server can manage multiple connection at a time. It will even sync changes across open instances.

    What wonders me is that you say a pc stays connected while from handy it disconnects. Connection to wifi is done by linux and I see no reason to behave different if a handy is connecting.

    Are you using our server image? If so read also troubleshooting wifi on the image download site.

    Pi cam lags behind if pi is connected to wifi at least for some while connected over eth0 it will not lag. Why that is so is not clear for the moment.

    :3344 uses the server directly while :80 (or omitting) uses nginx which prxies the requests, so it makes a redirection internally.
  • I did a changes you recommended in program. Added # before line. But nothing changed. If I log to server using using my computer and than I log with my phone both of them disconnect. I get message across screen "server disconnected, trying to connect" Than I have to restart pi in order to use it with just one device. Please help
  • The big question is what is happening when connection is not possible. Does linux crash, does wlan stop or server stop working. If you can connect via ethernet so ssh is possible. Phone should still get the problem if using wlan ip. But then you can login over eth and check ips, and if server is running

    ps aux | grep tier

    You could also check server log for usefull messages. wlan changes coming from server are logged there like starting wlan or access point. Log is in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/logs
  • Hello,

    I have exactly the same problem. The server continues to operate normally but WiFi has disconnected. And it is impossible to reconnect without restarting the Pi.

    I uses Repetier Server Pro 0.86.2 with Repetier Firmware 1.0.2.

    With a computer using Chrome, no problem. But when I connect with a smartphone or tablet, the connection stops after 1 minute.

    If I restart the Pi, WiFi reconnects itself normally.
  • Does the pi connect to your local wifi network or run as access point?

    Can you afterwards check /var/log/server.log? This is more a linux/driver/network manager problem I guess. I would expect some hint sin the server.log why wifi was disabled.
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    The Pi is connected to my local Wifi network, IP:

    Where is the server.log file ?

    I have other Pi connected to the WiFi that have no WiFi problem.
    I do not think it comes from Linux network management.
  • it is /var/log/server.log where linux logs important os stuff like wifi connection.
  • The server.log file does not exist in this location. I have syslog file but not server.log
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    If i add :3344 at the end of IP adresse, i can stay connected to the phone or tablet without WiFi crashes.
    The problem must come from nginx ?
  • Sorry i meant syslog not server.log where linux logs things.

    Can you switch to :3344 after a crash? That would mean nginx crashes but the rest stays working and it is not wifi that crashes only nginx (also I would not expect it to crash as it is such a prominent software used on millions of computers, but you never know).
  • After a crash, it is impossible to reconnect, you have to restart the PI.

    The right path for the log is "/var/lib/Repetier-Server/logs" not "/var/log/server.log"

    In server log, i have only this lines:
    2018-03-19 18:15:47: Closing websocket for missing ping
    2018-03-19 18:18:24: Client closed connection unexpectedly
    2018-03-19 18:24:07: Client closed connection unexpectedly

    With :3344, it works perfectly without crashing. But without :3344, it's crashing every time.
  • server.log is the log from repetier-server. Linux stuff is in /var/log/syslog.

    Client closed connection unexpectedly = connection to browser was lost. If nginx crashes you would loose connection. Port 3344 is server directly without in between station.
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