Bed stuck at bottom of printer

edited January 2017 in Repetier-Host
When I hit print light comes on printer bed stays at bottom of printer. nothing else starts only the light bed staying at the bottom not moving. How do I use Bed height map in repetier host ?


  • Is the light indicating bed is heating? In that case if it waits for heating to finish nothing works until bed is hot.

    Bed height map works only with repetier-firmware if you have a z-probe on your printer. Go to start height, enter test reagion and click measure and it will probe all points and show the map afterwards.
  • Thanks for the information I know you are busy but could you tell me if repetier and Arduino firmware is compatible with xyz3d printer 1.0a manufacturing date is 2014/09/19 with J37 flash pin on the board . I am using the original board that came with the printer. Thanks
  • Sorry but I do not know what the original board is, so I can not answer that.
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