Issue with outside of the bounds of the array

When doing G33 or Height map function the probing gives this error:

Exception during socket read: Index outside the bounds of the array

Except it goes on and properly touched the probe and moves to the next point without recording anything

At the the end it gives an:

Error: A hit floor

Then I get:

Warning: Invalid delta coordinate - move ignored x:12267 y:11360 z:1600
Warning: in  queDeltaMove to calculateDeltaSubSegments returns error.
Warning: executeGCode / queueDeltaMove returns error
(above are in blue)

Exception during socket read:Index was outside the bounds of the array

It goes in to the out of bounds status when the probe crosses into the positive Y axis area and as i sated above continues probing at the assigned points but giving the outside of array error andnot taking any adat on board.

Machine is a Geeetech G2S Pro with the GT2560 board running DRV8825 steppers. Power is 24V 360W PSU

Control computer is lenovo D20

If you need additional information please let me know as will gladly help.

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