No printing possible

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i have updated to the new repetier server version (which is looking nice) but i am not able to print. i can upload files, i can move the printer, but by the time i hit "print" nothing happens. is it possible that it is colliding with the "old" version (0.24)?
i ran the server on a raspberry with an older wheezy image on it. i updated everything before i installe dthe new server


  • Yes, if you had installed the old version and both are running they both try to communicate. That will cause many resends and problems since they assume to be allone. So please stop and delete old version or unset execute permissions. 
  • so, in the end wirh updating to new version (50.3) and removing the old one did not change anything. upload was ok but printing was impossible ("prepairing print" showed up for the blink of a second, but then nothing happened).

    i totaly cleaned the model and log files of the repetier server, after everything is working now.

    great job, thank for developing
  • Check the slicer comments There is currently a problem with lines > 199 chars liek some slicers add to store their config. Deleting the long comments works. Next release has it fixed and accepts comments with any length..
  • as writen above my server is working now. i use slic3r at the moment...
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