Pi repetier server connected no control

I am running a home built printer with a MEGA and RAMPS Marlin firmware 1.1.0-rc7.  I installed repetier server .80.3 via raspberry pi image.  It's booted and I went through the configuration.  My printer shows up green and online.  I can upload gcode to it..  says 0 degrees on bed and nozzle.. have no control at all.  I connected with host.  Says connected..  added stl and sliced.. hit print.. says uploaded..  0 degrees on bed and nozzle with no control.  repetier host version 1.6.2.. I know it HAS to be somthing I am doing.  we have 7 3d printers all using repetier and yet all of them seem to have the exact same problem if the server is running on windows or pi.  

If anyone has any ideas what could be going on please let me know.  Would like to get off astroprint.


  • Could it be that you selected Repetier and not Marlin as firmware? For server this is relevant as Repetier would use binary protocol that marlin does not understand. You can later change it in printer configuration. It gets green when it sees "start" so I guess port/baudrate are correct.
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