Help...installation of Repetier Server on UDOO Quad with RADDS


I have a delta robot that I want to install Repetier Server with touchscreen functionality. Unfortunately, I am not an expert on Linux or Delta printers. I was not able to find a guide on the installation and configuration of repetier server on UDOO, that why Im asking here. If you could explain some basics or point me in the right direction, that would be great. Thank you.


  • All tutorials for pi are also valid for udoo board just that the pi image will not work, so you have to install it as described in manual for linux systems (sudo dpkg -i packagename). Touchscreen is same as for pi just that you need one working for udoo and follow the vendor instuctions. But the general idea from pi using a simple window manager can be copied. But udoo linux behaves a bit different e.g. no autologin so you need some solutions around this. But it too much to find it out. Have myself th eudoo also only without display and there installing the server package is no problem.
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