Can't switch on extruder by clicking on icon and cannot set temperature through GUI

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hello all,

I'm using Repetier Host for Felix Printers v 1.6.2 for windows (7), this is the latest version, been using it for 3 years at least.

I can no longer switch on the extruder heater by clicking on the icon, the red slash stays there, and i cannot set the temperature either, it remains at zero. If i enter 205 and click enter, the display comes back to zero. Can't click on the up and down arrows either.

But the extruder and thermistor work, i can send manually the GCODE to switch on the extruder and i can print this way.

But would really like to solve the GUI problem. The other icons work, for example the bed heater.


  • Did you reduce max temperature in host to 0 maybe?
  • Repetier said:
    Did you reduce max temperature in host to 0 maybe?
    thanks for your feed-back,

    I'm not that familiar with the host/server thing. Can you tell me where i can check this parameter ?
  • In Printer-Settings->Extruder you define max. temperature for host. Sliders will adjust to that range so if that is 0 you can not go higher there but can still send the gcode to do otherwise.
  • Bingo !

    i have no recall of setting this parameter to zero recently, but it must have been me.

    thanks a lot, problem solved
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