Can't upload firmware to printer

Hi all,

I just activated the pro version and wanted to upload a new compiled firmware to the printer (RADDS Board), but I receive this message:
Uploading firmware binary ...
Stopping printer connection
No device found on ttyUSB0
Send auto-baud
Set binary mode
Upload finished
Reactivating printer connection ...
Firmware upload finished.

So to me that looks like it did not upload the firmware, but confirms a finished upload??
Any clarification would be helpful.


  • Uploader is an external program and message always comes after the uploader is finished, just that it did not succeed.
    Did you select the right programmer: Arduino Due Programming Port/Native Port? Currently I'm using radds->programming port several days per day with success. Native port might be a bit tricky as it changes the signature when going into programming mode. From your message you see that programmer did not find the usb port. Alternatively printer wa snot connected at that moment?
  • Unfortunately my arduino clone is not exactly a clone and has the native USB port and the other port is plain serial (no usb to serial). The serial port works fine for the communication with the raspi (at the moment via usb-serial on raspi side, plan to go to native serial port). So printing, and all the normal stuff works excellent. 
    But then I don't know why the thing does not work for upload.

    So from what you say, that serial port is the programming port, since native USB stays USB, right?
    I tested all possible combinations, also via native USB.

    During my further test I stumbled upon another thing: According to the documentation, the uploader expects a .hex file. When I compile the firmware in arduino IDE, it just delivers a .bin file. Could that be the problem? Or is it another issue?

    Thanks for your help :)
  • First simple part. AVR boards need hex file, Due with arm gets the bin file.

    I also tested my real Due and native port had port
    and programming port had the port name

    as well. Reading your message again the output was ttyUSB0 does not exists. So I'm not sure what your board does different but seems you are using a programming port just not with the normal due converter but maybe a FTDI chip for serial->usb conversion. I think these get reported as ttyUSB0 in linux.
  • solved.

    Connected a genuine arduino and not the clone and it works flawless :)
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