Preventing Extruder from Overheating when Temperature Sensor Malfunctions

I'm using Repetier Host to control my Solidoodle 2.  Currently, if the thermistor come detached from the extruder, the extruder will continue to heat endlessly because it thinks the temperature is only at room temperature.  Is there some code that can be added to prevent this overheating?  For example, if the temperature is more than 50 degrees below setpoint and it doesn't get 10% closer within 5 minutes, the printer shuts down.



  • You need a firmware that supports that. Current repetier-firmware does support that case. So that version is much safer, but there are still hardware failres that are problematic. If the MOSFET goes defect it can stay open even if firmware says to not heat. But it is definitely much safer then the old versions.
  • It looks like I have Marlin, does that mean I have to update my firmware?
  • I don't know if marlin supports it or not. But I guess your current config does not do it so you have to update anyway regardless whcih firmware you use.
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